Expectations of Membership

What can I expect from the Blue Knights

This depends entirely on you! You must understand that in your local chapter you will normally meet about one third (1/3) of the members who are always active.  You will find these members to be a great social people and riding group.  

Where the membership really comes into play, is when you attend functions outside of your own Chapter.  This meeting could take place at different conferences such as: Great Lakes Regional Conference, Midwest Regional Conference, International Conference, and a host of others.  When my wife and I are traveling all over the country I will always meet another Blue Knight along the way.  We always take the time and stop to chat for a little while.  It is amazing how many friends I have meet over our travels.

Needless to say you will always need to have some business cards to trade when you attend these events.  

When you take the opportunity to go to these Blue Knight functions and conferences you will meet people just like you and your family.  They are in Law Enforcement, they ride motorcycles, and they enjoy meeting other people.

I can remember the times when I was working in Homicide, another Detective would say, I need some help in another City or State.  I would ask where and the majority of time, I had a Blue Knight contact in the local jurisdiction.  I will never forget the time that my wife was working a major identity theft case and needed information from Canada as soon as possible.  She was told that normally a teletype would take over twenty four hours.  She reached for our list of contacts and made a phone call to another Blue Knight.  She had the information within ten minutes.  

My wife and I who are both Blue Knights are well known for all the contacts that we have.  When another Officer (Detective) needs help, they normally come to us.  I also remember a couple of Detectives that came in from a little town in Ohio called Greenville.  Now I will be the first one to tell you that this is an extremely small town.  When I was introduced to them and they told me where they were from, I immediately told the Detective, man you guys have the best hamburger joint.  They said you have been to Maid-Rite and I said that I sure have.  To insure them that I have been there I told the other detectives about all the gum on the outside walls.  They then started talking about the history.  Needless to say another friend and contact made.  Needless to say when riding we always look for unique food establishments.  

Another time we were on the road and I remembered a friend that lived in the city that we were going to stop in.  I called and asked if we could meet for supper.  Not only did we stop for supper, but they demanded that we spend the night at their house.

I can honestly say that I have contacts throughout the United States, Canada, Australia, and other Countries. 

 © Michael Hornbrook 2013